Time Well Spent - a Conversation with Virgil Nicholas

April 18 2017

For this week's time well spent, we met up with one of Denmark's best dressed men for a chat about entrepreneurship, the necessity of challenging yourself and, of course, how he spends his time to the best of his ability.

Time Well Spent - a Conversation with Kevin Kafesu

April 04 2017

For this week’s Time Well Spent, our new interview series exploring how Bulbul friends, partners and affiliates spend their time well, we’ve sat down for an in-depth chat with contemporary renaissance man of the cloth, Kevin ...

Time Well Spent - a Conversation with Luka

March 21 2017

Time Well Spent
is a new interview series, exploring how interesting and talented people spend their time well. First up, we have talented, 
Berlin-based producer/musician Luka, a profilific creative whose timeless, beat-driven, et...

Interview: Jens Martin Skibsted

January 23 2017

We met up with the KiBiSi partner, design authority and branding expert to talk idea-driven design innovation, sustainability and watch design.  

The Oblong Kickstarter Campaign is Now Over and Funded at 717%

November 11 2016
It’s been a fairly turbulent 30 days at Bulbul HQ. Our first
Kickstarter campaign is now behind us and we’re please...

Interview with Kilo Founder Lars Larsen on the Oblong Watch

October 25 2016

We sat down with Kilo's Head of Design, Lars Larsen, for a chat about Oblong, channeling emotion into design and Kilo’s information-driven design process.


Introducing the New Bulbul Display Stands

April 26 2016
Designed by our Copenhagen-based partners at Kilo and manufactured in Denmark from oakwood, the new Bulbul stands have been designed for simple yet varied watch display.

Introducing Bulbul's New Creative Director: Bjarke Vind

April 08 2016

Bulbul recently gained a new Creative Director. Not just any Creative Director, but a creative with time served at KiBiSi and Kilo under his designer belt.

We sat down with Bjarke for a chat about how his upbringing in Africa has influenced him as a creative, rati...

Designing the Pebble Watch

March 04 2016

Not many people know this, but Pebble, our debut collection, took years to get right. KiBiSi’s ambitious, state-of-the-art, slightly asymmetric design meant that every individual element, save for the movement, had to be built from scratch. Read on for the low-down on the complex design process, which lasted for the better part of two years. 

Selecting the Materials: Swiss-made Quartz Movement

February 11 2016

In the third installment of Selecting the Materials, we are, as previously promised, focusing on that absolutely essential element in watchmaking that is the movement also known as the 'heart' of the watch. 

The watch enthusiasts among you will know that watches have been around for a very long time indeed. In fact, known watchmaking history dates back to the 14th centu...

Selecting the Materials: The Steel Mesh Band from Vollmer

January 22 2016

The second edition in our ongoing blog series about the carefully chosen, individual materials that make up our watches, continues with the hardened material on which a sizable chunk of the modern world is built, namely steel. 

As you might have guessed, the steel we use in our watches isn’t your run-of-the-mill variety. What’s more, if you take a look at our two all-steel m...