We've Just Opened a New Branded Retail Space in Abu Dhabi!

April 21 2017

Bulbul Watches now takes its contemporary, Dabish brand universe to the United Arab Emirates with an iconic branded retail space placed in the renowned, vibrant Yas Mall at the heart of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The striking mall kiosk is now open and serving customers at the center of the Yas mall, and it comes equipped with the entire range of Bulbul’s design-driven timepieces.

Travel and wanderlust has been an ingrained part of Bulbul Watches’ mission statement since its inception, so it’s no coincidence, that the contemporary watch brand named after the nightingale has spread its timekeeping wings and made the trek into the United Arab Emirates, landing in the opulent city of Abu Dhabi just in time for spring.


Diversity and the encounter with other cultures and philosophies has become a big part of the Bulbul ethos. One of the guiding principles behind the design philosophy is the merger of disparate elements and hybridization of aesthetics, making the opening of a new, branded retail space from the cold North in the warmer climes of the Middle East a very appropriate merger of East and West and a fitting extension of Bulbul’s brand values.

Bulbul’s new retail space will be its primary outlet in the Middle-eastern region, which is one of Bulbul’s biggest markets, globally.


So drop by and check out our watches if you're in the neighborhood!


About the Yas Mall:


Yas Mall is home to 2.5 million sq ft. of retail and entertainment at the heart of Yas Island.

Yas Mall is Abu Dhabi’s must-visit, a vibrant, getaway and an engaging shopping experience. Located just 10 minutes from Abu Dhabi’s international airport, Yas mall serves as a gateway destination offering unparalleled retail choice to local residents, tourists and international guests.