Bulbul is a contemporary danish watch brand


Bulbul Watches was founded in 2013. After an extensive design process spanning several years, the unconventional, asymmetric Pebble watch was launched into the attentive media spotlight of the heritage-driven watch industry. The clean and comtemporary Facette soon followed, and today Bulbul has spread its wings over a diverse range of languages, nationalities and continents, much like the nomadic bird that the company is named after.


Bulbul watches are crafted from the best, most resilient materials and components available, such as Italian leather, Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, steel mesh bands from Pforzheim, Germany, and 10 years of battery life. We believe that merging a design philosophy seeking the iconic, the bold and the timeless with high-grade, durable materials, creates lasting watches that transcend the here and now.






The Designers

Pebble and Facette are designed by Danish creative collective, KiBiSi.

Founded by Bjarke Ingels / BIG, Lars Holme Larsen / Kilo Design and Jens Martin Skibsted / Skibsted Ideation.

KiBiSi is among Scandinavia’s most influential design groups working today.