Selecting the Materials: Swiss-made Quartz Movement

February 11 2016

In the third installment of Selecting the Materials, we are, as previously promised, focusing on that absolutely essential element in watchmaking that is the movement also known as the 'heart' of the watch. 

The watch enthusiasts among you will know that watches have been around for a very long time indeed. In fact, known watchmaking history dates back to the 14th centu...

Selecting the Materials: The Steel Mesh Band

January 22 2016

The second edition in our ongoing blog series about the carefully chosen, individual materials that make up our watches, continues with the hardened material on which a sizable chunk of the modern world is built, namely steel. 

As you might have guessed, the steel we use in our watches isn’t your run-of-the-mill variety. What’s more, if you take a look at our two all-steel m...

Selecting the Materials: Sapphire Glass

January 11 2016


Our new series of articles on the individual, materials that make up our products kicks off with the scratch-resistant, virtually indestructable window to telling the time on your Bulbul watch that is sapphire glass. Part informative customer service, part a fielding of some of your questions regarding our price range, Selecting the Materials will delve into the nitty grit...

Selecting the Materials: Crafting a Lasting Watch Takes Patience and Attention to Detail

December 18 2015

In 2012, when Bulbul Watches was still in its infancy and the Pebble watch was little more than the entrepreneurial glint in our founder’s eyes, the question of materials made an inevitable appearance in the idea-driven design process. Pebble’s slightly asymmetric design was taking shape and we had a sense that this was about to become a remar...

Interview: KiBiSi's Lars Holme Larsen on the Ore Watch

December 04 2015

As the observant among you may have noticed, we’ve just launched a new watch called Ore. Undoubtedly our most minimalist timepiece yet, the latest addition to the Bulbul design family has been whittled down to its bare essence through a comprehensive process, creating an aesthetic that looks to the future while respecting watch desig...

Interview with Bulbul Founder Jacob Juul

November 17 2015

Bulbul Communications Manager Ulrik Nørgaard sat down with Bulbul's founder for a chat about how it all got started, what Bulbul is all about and what kind of future he envisions for the company.