Bulbul Launches the Ore Watch

November 27 2015

Today, we're launching Ore, the third design in our range of contemporary, Danish watches. Following the slightly asymmetric Pebble and the classic yet contemporary Facette, our latest timepiece has been reduced to its minimalist essence. Released worldwide today, the 27th of November, Ore is now available in the Bulbul webstore and will soon arrive at selected retailers.

Less is Ore: Watch Design Reduced to its Iconic Essence
By cleaning out superfluous details, our new watch taps into watch design’s essential ore. Moreover, having already established a design philosophy with the Pebble watch through an extensive process spanning several years, the Ore watch is kept in the same colours and materials as our slightly asymmetric debut. However, in the efforts to make every individual element come to the fore, Ore ventures one step further into Scandinavian minimalism.

Designed by KiBiSi
Designed in collaboration with acclaimed Copenhagen-based design trio KiBiSi, the latest addition to the Bulbul product range is a carefully considered timepiece realized through time-honored craft and idea-driven innovation.
Lasting materials for an enduring timepiece
Premium Italian leather, ultra-durable sapphire glass, high-grade German steel, gold plated Swiss movement and up to 10 years of battery life make up the latest Bulbul watch. Crafted to make the material durability match the aesthetic sustainability, Ore is built to last and designed to be relevant for and appreciated by the next generation of watch enthusiasts.