Ore 08



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5 ATM Water Resistance Italian Leather Sapphire Glass German Steel Band Swiss Movement

Matte, golden steel on a golden, Made-in-Germany, Milanese steel meshband. 

Say hi to the new, luxury-tinted Bulbul watch: Ore 08.  

Ore 08 is a striking update on the circular, minimalist Ore design with a touch of golden, old-world charm. Featuring matte, golden steel on a German-made, golden Milanese meshband, the materials make a subtly flamboyant contrast to the sharp, minimal aesthetic, making this a remarkable eighth addition to the Ore collection.

Following the slightly asymmetric Pebble and the clean and contemporary Facette, the circular, minimalist Ore watch reduces timekeeping to its pure essence. 

The name Ore is a direct reference to the design process; by cleaning out superfluous details, we've whittled down our latest watch to its core, leaving a timepiece stripped of ornamentation. The third watch in the Bulbul collection taps into watch design’s essential ore and looks to the future while respecting our craft-based heritage.    


Crafted with premium materials to make the material durability match the KiBiSi-designed aesthetic sustainability, The 316L steel case holds a Swiss Made, gold-plated, four jewels Ronda Movement, providing ten years of battery life.

Ore 08 rests on a German Made golden Milanese meshband

 Technical specs:

  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Swiss Gold Plated Movement with 4 Jewels 
  • German Made Steelband
  • 316L Steel Case
  • Dimensions: 39 mm diameter x 8 mm height.
  • 18 mm wide strap.
  • Two-year warranty
  • Ten Years Battery life
  • 5 ATM